Past Election Resources (Archive)

The spring 2023 elections took place on April 4, 2023.

What’s at stake for Wisconsin students and public schools in the crucial Supreme Court Election?

Every child in Wisconsin has the right to a public education that prepares them for the future. But our legislative leaders in Madison have maintained an unfair and inadequate funding system that fails to live up to what our students are worth. From fair maps to school funding to privatization, the next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice may decide whether to continue with our broken funding system or whether our kids finally get the resources and schools they deserve.

Wisconsin students need and deserve public education champions at every level of elected office, including the Supreme Court. The next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice may decide cases on school funding, privatization efforts, and equity initiatives. Be the public education voter Wisconsin kids need now.

Learn more on the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

For an example of the role courts play in public schools, check out this example from Pennsylvania: Landmark Pa. school funding case decided: the state’s system is unconstitutional. Pennsylvania’s disparity between high- and low-income school districts was ruled an unconstitutional violation of the rights of students in low-income districts. Read more in Education Week.

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS: Make your plan to be a voter for your whole ballot! Get to know the school board candidates running in your district. Wondering how to make an informed decision for kids and public schools when voting in a school board race? Check out our Public Education Champion Checklist.


The League of Women Voters’ Vote411 is a great nonpartisan election resource.

Read about the education bills that passed through the Wisconsin legislature this year at Wisconsin Public Education Network’s Vote Tracker.

The Wisconsin Public Education Action Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization rooted in our shared commitment to every student in every public school in our state. We do not endorse candidates for partisan office.

The fall 2022 election in Wisconsin was held on Nov. 8, 2022.

Be a PUBLIC EDUCATION VOTER this fall. Election Day is November 8, 2022.
Wisconsin students need and deserve responsible use of the governor’s veto pen — to protect their freedoms. Be the public education voter Wisconsin kids need now.
Wisconsinites know what our kids deserve. We know what our public schools need. The candidates for governor have clear differences on these issues. Know where the candidates stand:…/how-do-evers–michels…
Be an informed voter in the November 8 election. Be the PUBLIC EDUCATION VOTER Wisconsin kids need now!

Learn more about where the candidates for governor stand on key education issues:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel candidate comparison
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